Two cat-related tales for you ….
I woke this morning at around 7.45 and went into the galley to boil the kettle. Mayhem! On the galley bench was evidence that an intruder had been on board.

Yesterday I bought a Greek bougatsa – a traditional cream pie made of filo pastry with a sweet filling. I didn’t eat it yesterday, so I was saving it to have with my coffee later. This morning, the pie had been partially destroyed – a cat, presumably, had silently crept aboard in the dead of night, jumped up onto the bench, removed the pie from its paper wrapper and bag, and proceeded to eat all the pastry and half the cream filling! There were crumbs everywhere, and little bite marks all round the edge of the remainder.


Also, I had some cheese straws left over from when we had drinks on board with guests yesterday evening, so I had left the remainder standing in a beaker. The hungry cat had removed a couple and started to nibble them, leaving crumbs everywhere. I can’t believe we didn’t hear any of this midnight feast activity, but then, cats are very stealthy, aren’t they. We’ve had cats come aboard before in the night, once last year one tried to eat a loaf of bread, but they have usually been seen off by our own cat, Artemis, who lets out the most defeaning and blood-curdling screeching noise which sounds like a murder has taken place, but she is only defending her territory. Unfortunately she is not on board this year, she’s on holiday in Essex until September.


Artemis.  The one and only.

This morning, we went for a coffee at one of the harbourside tavernas, and walking nonchalantly along behind us, was a cute little kitten, with markings virtually identical to our own boat cat, Artemis, who is currently on holiday in Essex. The kitten looked about ten weeks old, the same as Artemis when we rescued her from being stuck under the engine of a truck, over two years ago.


Too cute!  Just like Artemis.

The kitten was a bit timid, but allowed me to pick her up, and sat on my chest, purring away. She seemed a lot cleaner than many of the feral cats in Greece, and I suspect she was being looked after by someone. There was no sign of her brothers and sisters, or of the mother. Like Artemis, maybe she was just a curious kitty, who liked exploring. The kitten jumped onto the cushions on the cafe chairs, but was shooed off half-heartedly by the owner. She came and played with the straps of my bag, then rolled about in the sunshine. Of course, I instantly wanted to kidnap her, or should that be catnap her, and take her away with me back to the boat. But suddenly my inner Mrs Sensible told me not to be silly, we can’t have another Greek cat, so after we finished our drinks we had to leave her alone. She looked quite strong and feisty, and hopefully she will survive.


Almost too good to resist…..



  1. I don’t think it’s just Greek cats that wreak havoc on foodstuff… When I lived in Scotland with my (now ex) partner, we had two cats who were proper angel and demon (though admittedly, both adorable in their own way – in my opinion). One of the many times I brought a Jamaica Ginger Cake home, we’d decided to make dinner and have some of the cake as dessert. Having made dinner, we left the cake in the packaging in the living room (we’d made a habit of eating there so we could watch a film at the same time) and then disappeared for barely more than a minute to bring our full plates over. Much to our surprise, the demon cat had managed to open the packaging, and had started munching away at the cake!

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