Summer in Greece

Summer is the Daily Prompt today, and this is a very easy one for me.  Summer means spending time on our yacht Fandancer and sailing round the Greek Islands.

First of all we had to launch our yacht.


Preparing to go back in the water, Preveza.


Then we have to get ready for the summer season.  We have to put the sails back on, check the rigging, the electrical system, fill the tanks with water, top up the fuel.  We have to buy provisions for the boat.   Then we have to decide where to sail!


Summer sailing in the Ionian


We will definitely be eating some delicious Greek food this summer!

And we shall have a refreshing beer by the beach.


A Greek beer by the beach in Summer.

This Summer we will moor in some pretty Greek harbours …


This summer we will also do some sightseeing….

I hope everyone has a wonderful Summer!

4 thoughts on “Summer in Greece

  1. That is a wonderful way to spend the summer. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my kitties though and I don’t think 13 would fit on a yacht. I will live vicariously through your blog.


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