Daily prompt – empty Greek houses

The Daily a Prompt today is Empty.

I’ve been for a couple of walks this week in the hills and olive groves on Paxos.  Quite often you come across deserted ancient stone cottages.  I always wonder why they are empty.  Maybe the occupants died send there was no one to take over the property.  Or maybe they just had enough of rural life and moved back to civilization.

It’s a shame to see these old properties left empty.  A few get bought up and renovated as holiday cottages, but many stay empty, the weeds grow round them and they lie hidden for years.

Here’s my photos of empty houses….


Empty house in hills behind Benitses



Empty house near the village of Angyatkia, Paxos

Another wonderful empty property we discovered on our walk from Lakka yesterday. This was a huge mansion, with lovely green wooden shutters.  One window had a broken shutter, so we peered in, and it was derelict inside, the ceilings were falling in, and a few pieces of broken furniture were visible.  Such a shame to leave a building like that.


Empty mansion in the hills above Lakka




4 thoughts on “Daily prompt – empty Greek houses

  1. Interesting. You see a lot of old ruined crofts in the Hebrides, often right next to the family’s new house. They keep the ruin out of respect for their ancestors. Of course other ruined crofts there are a result of The Highland Clearances.


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