Seven things I can see from where I’m sitting…

We are moored in the lovely bay of Mogonissi on the very south of Paxos island, before we sail over to Lefkas later.

I didn’t sleep well, I woke early at 6.30 with an ache in my neck and shoulder. I came out into the cockpit as I like being in the fresh air. The sun was rising but it’s covered by cloud. It’s quite breezy. The weather Oracle that is my husband, said today was going to be bright and sunny, after yesterday’s storm, but maybe he will be proved wrong this time.

Last night we had a lovely meal in the beach bar taverna, but for the first time this year we ate inside due to the rain showers. I had Greek lamb and potatoes in the oven, and Tim had grilled lamb chops. We also had a rocket and Parmesan salad, which seems quite popular in tavernas this year, and was delicious. I’m so greedy, I always forget to take photos of my food to show you. It’s gone before you can say ‘camera’.

The Greek waiter, who we know from our many visits here, was very friendly and jokey as usual. He saw I was looking at Facebook on my iPad, and he showed me his page. His name is Florent (I never knew this) and I commented that this wasn’t a common Greek name, it sounds more French, and it turns out he is not Greek but Albanian, having arrived in Greece 14 years ago. It just shows how you can make a new life for yourself and be successful if you try hard and are prepared to work.


Masses of bougainvilla everywhere…

Anyway, while I’m waiting for the day to begin, and husband is still comatose, I took some photos of seven things I can see from where I’m sitting in the cockpit of Fandancer…..

Number 1.  My feet. Horrible, scaly legs from too much sun and salt. I hate not being able to look after myself properly when living on the boat. Skin routines are ignored, manicures are forgotten, and don’t mention my hair!


My scaly legs….

2. A Swedish flag and horseshoe life buoy on the boat next to us. One of the guys is still fast asleep in the cockpit. We helped them moor yesterday when it was mega windy. Their anchor wouldn’t hold, their winch wasn’t working properly. Eventually they had a rope attached to us, and put out another anchor by taking it out on their dinghy and dropping it. (Obviously it was attached to the boat when they did this…..)

3.  A ‘No Fires No BBQ’ sign. They are always worried about fires in the countryside and forests of Greece in the summer. It probably wouldn’t have been a problem yesterday with the rain we had, but hard to light the BBQ I imagine.


4. The starboard winch for the foresail – ours is an old fashioned boat and eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted ours don’t have those rubber grips/self-tailers? So you have to fasten them off round the cleat every time.

The view from Fandancer of some of the boats at anchor. It is quite a weedy bottom here, and fairly deep, so you need a long anchor. That’s why we saw so many people having to re-anchor yesterday, they never put enough chain out, especially when it’s windy.


The anchorage at Mogonissi

Next, the view of our starboard quarter, with spare fenders, orange horseshoe buoy, and the silver cover of our outboard motor. Plus some ropes. And part of a bucket.

Finally, a view down the companion way into our saloon – it’s a very beamy boat and this is just the starboard side.


Fandancer’s saloon

We have a similar couch on the other side. Surprisingly the cushions even look tidier than normal. And there’s my hat. Greek rugs on the floor. Tim made the tiny table, which is all we need for daily use. If we eat down below or have guests, there is a clever larger table top which fits over the small one. The red and chrome hanging lamp we never use. It cost a fortune, but on the one time we tried it out, it was so noisy, as it is pressurised, and gave off too much heat!

What seven things can you see from where you are sitting?


5 thoughts on “Seven things I can see from where I’m sitting…

  1. I can see: Lots of baby toys. Three stair gates, two for doorways. A mantelpiece with photos, invitations, a clock and cards. A woodburner. An oven. Standard lamp. A cuddly toy!!! 😄

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