Water, water everywhere…..especially in Greece

I smiled when I saw the Daily Prompt – Water!




I’m surrounded by it!     I could touch it right now.   I live on a boat, so I’m never out of sight of water.   We are in the Mediterranean Sea – more precisely, the Ionian Sea, which is the area off the west coast of Greece.


The waters around the Ionian Islands are a great place to sail, although it does get very busy in the height of summer.  But you can always find a quiet little bay where you can anchor and have a swim, and there are many harbours where you can moor and explore ashore.


View over Loggos harbour, Paxos

The water in some bays is beautifully clear, especially where the bottom is sandy, and great for snorkelling, or just floating around.


Swimming in the water at Zakynthos, with Artemis our boat cat on watch….


Boats moored in the lovely clear water at Petriti, Corfu.

view from Kassiopi castle

view of the water from Kassiopi castle, Corfu

If you want to read more about the lovely waters of Greece, why not follow my blog and see where we are sailing!


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