The Luckiest Cat in Greece

The prompt for the One Word Photo Challenge is ‘Cat’, which is an easy prompt for me – our cat Artemis has appeared lots of times on my blog, but for those of you who have not met her, I’ll tell you a bit about this amazing cat who lives on our boat…

In April 2014 we rescued this little scrap when we found her stuck in the engine of a 4×4 truck, on the island of Evia, in Greece.


She was covered in oil so I washed her in the sink…



Gradually her dirty grey fur turned white 



Artemis loved finding new places to hide, so she could jump out on us…

She grew and grew, and turned into a beautiful cat. We called her Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the hunt, and the moon.

Artemis adapted really well to living on our yacht. We sail around the Greek islands and every few days we go somewhere new. Artemis jumps ashore, explores her surroundings, and always comes back to the boat.


Artemis on watch


Help, I’m stuck up this tree and can’t get down!

Sometimes she follows us, like a puppy, to the nearest taverna, sits under our chairs, then walks back to the boat with us later.

She always likes to find a tree to climb. When she was very tiny, we had to rescue her a few times, until she was brave enough to come down by herself.


Walking the gangplank 



Helping with the jib sheets….

Artemis has been on planes, trains and ferries on our trips back to UK, and she takes it all in her stride.

We don’t make her wear a life jacket, or a lead. Cats are creatures that like their freedom, and she can go where she wants.





Artemis was featured in an interview with another famous boat cat called Bailey – read her interview here. She also has her photograph on the Tummy Rub Tuesday feature on the lovely Katzenworld blog.

She has also been in two articles in ‘Your Cat’ magazine, and she has her own Facebook page.






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