Perfect Summer Day….

Day 2 of Suze’s Summer Challenge  – Describe the perfect Summer day…either one you have already enjoyed or what your fantasy day would be like.

Although I live on a boat in Greece, most summer days are perfect, but with a little bit of tweaking, the day could be even better!

My fantasy perfect Summer day….

After a good night of uninterrupted sleep, I would wake on board our yacht Fandancer under a cool fan, with George Clooney and Jon Bon Jovi fighting over who should bring me a cup of tea and a plate of pastries.



I would then have a morning swim in the warm turquoise sea, and emerge to be handed a large fluffy robe.  After a shower, my hair washed and styled, and my nails done, I would be gently lowered, while still in my deckchair. onto a floating raft, and towed ashore by George and John in their swimsuits. Unfortunately, Artemis, our boat cat, would have to stay behind….



Landing on a tropical beach of pure white sand, I would sit under swaying palm trees watching the ocean while George and John, wearing only aprons, serve me breakfast of tropical fruit, pastries and coffee.   I would then relax for the morning with a pile of trashy magazines and a favourite novel, with my favourite music playing softly.


Before lunch, while having a cocktail on the beach, my four little grandchildren would surprise me and arrive unexpectedly, and play together like angels in the sand. My husband, three children and their partners would also arrive, and all have a light lunch with me.   After a little post-lunch snooze in my comfy chair, I would like to go for a gentle horse ride along the beach, and into the countryside.


In the evening I would like a party on the beach at sunset, with all my friends.  There would be a bonfire, a barbecue, and a beach bar.   George Clooney would be an attentive waiter, and Jon could play an acoustic guitar set.

Goodness, I’m so shallow, aren’t I?  Why didn’t I say I would like to spend the perfect summer day rescuing stray cats and dogs, or teaching street children to read?   I’ll do that tomorrow…….




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