Saturday Statue – in Greece

I came across a new challenge for the weekend, called Saturday statue.

Why not take a look at all the fascinating statues posted there?

I love taking photos of old statues, almost as much as old doors!   And a bit of background research adds to the interest.   My statue is on the island of Paxos, in Greece, and is situated st the south end of Gaios harbour, the biggest town on this small island.


Many tourists walk past the statue but don’t know anything about it.

Georgios Anemoyiannis was born in 1798 on the island of Paxos which was under the dominion of the republic of Venice and had never been occupied by the Ottomans. He nevertheless participated in the Greek war of independence against the Ottoman Empire by joining the crew of the boat of Laskarina Bouboulina, “The Allies”. On the night of 21 June 1821 during an attack against the Turkish navy in Nafpaktos (Lepanto) he attempted to set fire to a Turkish warship moored in the harbor. Caught by the Turks he was impaled and hung at the Nafpaktos castle as a cautionary example.


Detail of the foot

Due to his brave act he became and was regarded as the local hero for the Paxos islands and his statue is seen at southern entrance to the Paxos island capital Gaios harbour.


Georgios Anemoyiannis statue, Gaios, Paxos.

Some of this information was taken from the useful website -


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