The island of Hydra

Daily Prompt – Island

This is an earlier post of mine that I thought would fit the theme well, so I have re-posted it….

Third Time Lucky!

image Georgie at Hydra

I wrote this for another sailing blog last year, and thought I would post it again here.

I think that whenever someone is born, wherever they are, they should be given a voucher which entitles them to a free trip to anywhere in Greece, at any time of their life that they choose. I can guarantee that if this happened, the majority of people would fall in love with Greece and return again and again….

image Our yacht Fandancer moored on Hydra quay 

Hydra is a busy, bustling, but fairly small harbour, with all the boats moored to the quay. A working port, there are numerous ferries, day trip boats, water taxis. During the months of April to October this is a favourite destination for yachts and motorboats of all sizes, and there is nothing more entertaining than sitting on deck of your own boat, or at a…

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