Being a good boat guest

We currently have four guests on board our yacht Fandancer.  So I am reblogging this great post, as it gives some excellent advice for anyone thinking of joining friends or relatives to go sailing. Well worth a read……

Astrolabe Sailing

So you’ve been invited to go and stay on someone’s boat? Awesome! The next best thing to having a boat of your own is having friends who have boats. It is much cheaper and just about as much fun.

So to increase your chances of having a fantastic time – and being invited to come back and stay again, here are my top tips for being a good boat guest:

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4 thoughts on “Being a good boat guest

  1. Wow that’s an excellent post, can’t really think of anything to add! Hubby is very particular that everyone’s shoes have smooth white soles, so that the shoes don’t leave smudges and also that the shoes don’t have stones stuck on them that cause scratches!

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  2. I always vet guests seriously now. i remember when we were tacking once and our ‘guests’ expressed being fed-up of zig-zagging and tried to order us to just “go straight” as they needed to get home now. I find that instead of inviting guests to a boat ride you should offer them a sailing lesson. I like the ones that have learned to tie knots before-hand or have done a competent crew course. Otherwise I just invite guests to the boat while still berthed in the marina for a gin and tonic.


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