Independence Day….a great film.

Day 4 in Suze’s Summer Challenge …… Today’s task –

July 4: The U.S. Celebrates July 4th as their Independence day.
What does Independence mean to you?
If you are a US citizen, do you have special memories of this holiday?

If you are from anther part of this big world, when is YOUR country’s Independence Day and how do you celebrate??

Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, Denmark and the United Kingdom are the only two countries who don’t celebrate an Independence Day?

That’s me screwed for today’s post then…..thanks, Suze!

However, I offer you an alternative….

As I am currently in Greece, I found out about Greek Independence Day,  it is called Ochi Day (which means ‘no’ in Greek). This holiday is always celebrated on 28 October.

Here is some information about Greek Independence Day that I learned from the website Office Holidays….

28 October is the day of the National Anniversary of Greek Independence. It may be known as ‘World War ΙΙ National Holiday’.

The day is also called “Ochi Day” in celebration of Greece’s refusal to yield to the powers of the Axis in 1940.


Greek church in the Cyclades

History of Ochi Day
In October 1940, Benito Mussolini, the facist dictator of Italy, backed by Germany, demanded to occupy Greece. General Ioannis Metaxas famously responded “Ochi!” – “No!” in Greek.

That “No!” brought Greece into the war on the side of the Allies. Indeed, for a period, Greece was Britain’s only ally against Hitler.


Greek soldiers marching in traditional costume


Very cute Greek children in national costume

Not only did Greece rebuke Mussolini’s demands, they seized the offensive and drove the Italians back through most of Albania.

Had Metaxas not said “No!”, its arguable that the Second World War may have lasted much longer. One theory is that had Greece surrendered without any resistance, it would have enabled Hitler to have invaded Russia in the spring, rather than his disastrous attempt to take it during winter.


Greek Independence Day



How is Ochi Day celebrated?
The day is characterised by military parades and folk dances and Greek Orthodox churches hold special services.  It is also celebrates in other countries where there is a large Greek population, such as the USA and Australia.



3 thoughts on “Independence Day….a great film.

  1. I love that photo, must try something out with Tabby, but I don’t think we have a Swiss flag anywhere. The Swiss independence day would be 1st August, but they have always been independent and I think it is just called a National Day. Anyhow watch this space on 1st Augut if Tabby does not rip up the flag, which will probably be one of those cheap paper ones.


  2. Oh I love the snark in you! “That’s me screwed for today’s post then…..thanks, Suze!” You are so welcome! lol And just LOOK at what a wonderful post you came up with! And Poor George said to tell you that in his “own humble opinion, England’s independence day was in 1066, and honestly how could you (me) ask such a silly question of a brit?”

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