A walk along the beach….

It’s day five of Suze’s fabulous Seven Days of Summer challenge.  Why not have a look at all the creative posts that our gorgeous bloggers have created?

Day 5: July 5: You are on a beach. What five things do you pick up off the sand? Tell us about those things.

As I’m currently living on a boat in Greece, (have a look at my blog!) I am often walking along a beach.  Not because we’ve run aground, you understand, but because we have moored in a harbour somewhere near a beach, or we might be at anchor and have gone ashore in the dinghy and landed on a beach nearby.  Like we did last night.  So here are some actual things I have found recently on a Greek beach….


A beautiful sea urchin shell.

Sea urchin shells are very delicate, and it’s hard to find a whole one. Local people eat the insides!   We were once given sea urchins to eat as a free meze with a drink – not something I would recommend.  The inside is very salty and looks like snot…..


A lonely pine cone.

This pine cone must have fallen off one of the trees behind the beach.


Pretty flower

In the middle of the sandy sand, I came across a tiny daisy, surviving and growing all alone.


Broken chair at the edge of the beach

That chair looks like it has been there for some time. It looks like a Greek taverna chair, which are the most uncomfortable things to sit on, ever.  Maybe a frustrated customer threw it out after getting a numb behind (polite UK word for bottom, posterior etc)


Cinderella sandal

This poor red sandal was all alone.  How did it get there?  Who owns it?  Where is the other one?


Stone and seaweed

FInally, a rather pretty shot of a stone with some seaweed attached to it.

Oh dear, that’s six things!  I always was a bit of a non-conformist.  Sorry, Suze!


8 thoughts on “A walk along the beach….

  1. What do you mean it looks like snot? Sea urchins are a great delicacy, not only in Greece, but in other countries, like Japan and
    Chile. The pure taste of the sea… Oh,
    Georgie, you make me despair, sometimes 😆😂 As for the chair and slipper photos, they make me despair too- the things Greeks see fit to ‘lose’ on beaches. Or they just dump them overboard and they wash out on the beach… Oh well, it was a fun post anyway!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Any interesting shell, possible ‘driftwood’ however small, sand, sand, sand 🙂 🙂 🙂 – that’s what I have, in the past, picked up and would always do – I just looooove the feeling of the (sea) sand running through my fingers, especially on those clean and yet unspoiled beaches (where are they?)


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