July obsessions…..

In my email this morning, I had a link to a great WordPress blog post I follow, with a new post called ‘July Obsessions’.   You can read Jane’s fabulous post here.

I was inspired to write my own list of July Obsessions, so here it is…

To put you in the picture – I am currently living on a boat in Greece, which is why these obsessions might seem odd to you….

  • Preventing my face getting anymore sun, as I end up with a white patch where my sunglasses have been and look like a panda.
  • Wondering when we might next be near any shop so I can stock up on basic provisions…
  • Not getting salt water on the cockpit cushions
  • Hoping there will be phone reception at next anchorage so the Mifi will work….
  • Trying to get the husband to fill up the ice cube tray when he has emptied it.
  • Ditto emptying the kitchen bin when we go ashore.
  • Not leaving my best sandals on deck to get ruined by the sun.
  • Hoping the little fan above my head does not lose its suction and fall on me in the night.




5 thoughts on “July obsessions…..

  1. Hahah I have similar obsessions cruising the islands here in Finland – especially finding garbage disposal (some islands don’t have it); not running out of water before finding a new place to fill up; having electricity now and then so I can charge my phone, camera and iPad; the winds being great for sailing but not too strong so docking still goes smoothly; and finally, not running out of knickers before being at a place where doing laundry is possible!! 😂😂

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