Summertime blues…..

Here I am, a middle-aged woman, living on a boat, currently in a very beautiful place in Greece.  The weather is hot, not a cloud in a sky.  I have very little to worry about.  Lots of people have told me they wished they could change places with me, how lucky I am, etc etc.  So why am I feeling  a bit depressed, blue, homesick?



I just think I’m the sort of person who is never satisfied.    As my daughter informed me on a text message earlier,  I’m never happy.  When I’m in the UK I want to be in Greece, when I’m in Greece I want to go back to the UK.   I’m not liking anything about Greece right now.   This morning I was OK, and at lunchtime we met some jolly English folk also on a boat, and had a nice chat with them, but then afterwards, for no reason at all, I was plunged into a depression, and I can’t shake it off.


We’ve been to this little place before – Mitikas on the Ionian mainland.   It’s lovely, one of our favourite places, very Greek.   But I don’t want to go for a walk, the beach is shingle and I can’t face a swim, there’s nothing I want to do.    I had to go and buy water and milk from the mini-market, but that depressed me as they had virtually no stock on their shelves, nothing to tempt me with,no bread,  the fruit and veg was awful.


Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling better, but I just can’t get excited about anything at the moment, I am missing my grandchildren, English shops, chocolate, UK TV and radio, friends to talk to……. Will someone give me a stiff talking to, and tell me to get my act together and snap out of it?


10 thoughts on “Summertime blues…..

  1. I can see where you are coming from but you don’t have to put up with traffic every day, going to work, doing work, coming home from work, the British weather (although it’s been ok ish lately), the dreadful news re Brexit and all the selfish politicians. I hope you have had a nice ouzo or wine or gin and tonic to cheer yourself up. You’ll feel much better in the morning! 🙂

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  2. is it the mini mart closest to the port? The one where if he buys ten cans of something, he lines them up along the shelves.
    Have you been to the little taverna right on the corner? the blue and white one with the magnificent view of Kalamos. Have a chat to George, the Canadian/Greek in the coffee shop half way up the road with the shops and tavernas. just use a word like Grexit or Brexit and off he’ll go. His energy will overpower you.

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  3. As I sit sweltering in the cockpit waiting for the sun to go down, know you’re not alone. Missing people as well as a different way of life is the price we pay. Sometimes it can feel like too high a price. Wherever I am I miss somebody.

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  4. Georgie, your photos for this post are gorgeous, but they are all BLUE…. Find some red to put some zing – something odd and crazy and I’ll bet you’ll start to feel stronger and happier. Color is amazing and we don’t truly understand how it affects our psychology, but it does.
    But if all else fails, always remember, “This too shall pass.”

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    • Thank you Hillary, I’m feeling better now. I just need to find the trigger that sends me into these black moods! Maybe I chose the photos subconsciously, because they were blue? I’ll remember what you said and look for something contrasting in future.


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