Thursday Doors July 7

Thursday Doors always cheers me up.  I look forward to it every Thursday.

When I am somewhere new, which is every few days at the moment, as we are on a boat, I love wandering round the little backstreets to find new doors.  I’m obsessed!

The ones I’ve found this week are largely unused doors – very old, but blocked off or overgrown….. I’ve still got lots left for next week!


Yesterday on the island of Kalamos – a ruined house for sale.


In Vliho village, Lefkas. The doors were chained together, the roof had collapsed.


Another abandoned house with unused door, Lefkas.


Lovely door on an empty house, Paleros.

16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors July 7

  1. These doors almost seemed like a search and find – or like there was stuff to discover – like the numbers on the first!
    Oh and I really love the small blue door (second photo) super nice collection here!

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