Odd ball….COB

Cee’s Oddball Challenge

Why not have a look at these great photos, and join in?

Meaning of oddball
noun – a person or thing that is atypical, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming
adjective – whimsically free-spirited; eccentric; atypical…..

Here’s my very oddball photos…..


Sailor Ted – I saw this and thought of my grandson!


Sea urchins – given to us free, as a meze – not my favourite appetiser!

48 cans of beer.  Should last a couple of days.

48 cans of beer. Should last a couple of days…..


Artemis prefers this water to her fresh water dish… 

Were these odd enough for you?



7 thoughts on “Odd ball….COB

  1. Saw a few familiar things there. I spent many happy holidays at Totland Bay, Feshwater on the Isle of Wight with mum and dad an other relatios in my early teenage days. What Artemis an do in the toillet, my Nera could do better. She was so big fat and fluffy you could no longer see the edge to the toilet, she filled it all out.

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