Astakos – tennis, football and it’s very hot!

Good morning!
I’ve neglected my blogging duties over the last few days, partly due to restricted wifi in places we have been. So this is just a bit of a catch up. Hopefully in years to come, when I am sitting in my rocking chair with cat on my lap and grandchildren playing at my feet, I can look back on these posts and remind myself of the wonderful times we had sailing round the Greek islands.


We spent two very peaceful days in the bay at Port Athene, Kalamos. Husband Tim really needed some down time, and appreciated being able to sunbathe for long periods on deck, then leap into the sea to cool down. I’m a bit more of an active person, and like to be out and about doing stuff, but it was good for me to know that we were going stay in one place for a couple of days and find things to do to amuse myself. I’ve read several books, I had a walk ashore and took photographs, and I did some sketching. We’ve had some simple meals of salad and chicken, or pasta. It’s really felt like being on holiday!


This morning we left at about 11.30am, shortly after waving goodbye to fellow bloggers Cathy and Neil of Lamputts on Land, who were heading to Kalamos town. They were anchored in the same bay as us, and having ‘met’ each other while blogging and aware we weren’t that far from each other, we also met accidentally while out for a walk!


With no wind to speak of, we motored all the way to Astakos, about a three hour trip. Tim topped up his tan on deck again, so I had the difficult job of checking the chart and pushing buttons on the auto-pilot to go in the right direction, I didn’t even have to use the steering wheel! The only fairly exciting bit was when the water depth which had been well over 50 metres, suddenly changed to 12 metres. I knew this was going to happen as I had studied the chart beforehand. The water was so clear, you could just see the bottom for a short while as we crossed the banks, before it got deep again.


There were very few boats out today, Astakos is too far for the flotillas to visit. But there was one other yacht in the distance which seemed to be heading to the same place as us, and luckily we both managed to get the last two places on the quay. We wouldn’t have scored highly In the stern-to mooring contest, should there have been one, today. On our first attempt, Tim started his mooring procedure too far away from the quay, which meant all our anchor chain was let out before we got there, so we had to do it again. The second attempt was much better, but just as the stern ropes were thrown to the guys waiting on the quay to help us in, Tim throttled up the engine to help the anchor winch do its job better, but accidentally left the boat in gear, so it shot forward, pulling the ropes with it! Eventually we tied up securely and could turn the engine off.

Later, we found a bar with TV and were able to watch the Wimbledon tennis final, with the marvellous Andy Murray winning his second championship at this famous venue, and Portugal won some football match!


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