I’m an addict – for the Internet

No internet access for 36 hours – could you handle it?



Sailing to Ithaca – Atoko island in the distance 

We’ve been anchored in a few little bays this week, rather than in a harbour. The weather has been so hot and sultry, it’s nice just to be able to jump off the back of the boat into the cool, clear water whenever you want. I love the way the boat just bobs up and down gently, and swings round on its anchor to give you different views. In the evening when the sun sets, you even get a nice cooling breeze as you have a drink and supper on board……


Clear water at the anchorage, bay in south of Ithaca

There are so many yachts out at the moment, it’s almost impossible to have a little bay to yourself. But it’s nice to have some company, to comment on the other yachts – are they better, bigger and more modern than yours? The answer is usually yes. And you get to watch some interesting anchoring techniques too.

But the downside of this tranquility is that there’s no internet connection! Zilch! Zero! We rely on a Mifi unit, which is a portable device which picks up a signal and turns itself into a wifi hotspot, but it’s only been giving me a red light,which means no connection. Grrrrr! Some of you might say, make the most of it, and enjoy your time to appreciate your surroundings, look at nature, relax and do nothing. That’s okay for the morning, but by late afternoon, and definitely the evening, I’m getting restless. I don’t like being out of contact with the world – I need to know what’s happening out there!


It’s amazing how much I’ve been relying on the Internet. I love looking things up on Google. See that little island in the distance? Let’s find out if it is inhabited. Nope, we can’t Google. Let’s find out what that Greek sign says – nope, no internet. Let’s check who owns that mega super yacht we passed on the way here – nope, no internet. Who is the next UK Prime Minister going to be? Nope – no internet…… Let me check the ingredients for an online recipe – nope……


See what I mean? But it’s only for a short while. I can cope. I’m relaxed again now – I’ve got five green bars of 3G, which is apparently good. But how am I going to have time to plough through hundreds of emails – largely junk. How will I ever catch up with what my fellow bloggers have been doing? My stats in my blog will have dropped, I’m sure people will have forgotten about me and my crazy posts…. I’d better write some more. It’s going to be a busy day!


11 thoughts on “I’m an addict – for the Internet

  1. YES! All of this! Internet is my way of finding out what’s going on in the world too, and I’m lost without service for much longer than an hour lol! Ditto about the recipes too… nothing more aggravating than not having the ability to check ingredients online when you’re all set to make something!

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  2. I know what you mean! I am now on a sailing holiday and the internet has worked beautifully except in the crossing from Finland to Estonia. I’m so busy here that I can’t keep up with all my social media but am trying 💕

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  3. I know your pain! I was at my cottage and our wifi was down for 10 days… I am an internet addict – I love nothing more than looking stuff up all the time! Even my kids and husband ask me to do so, when we are watching the news or a movie or just chatting. There is always a “Hey Mom! Can you look xxxx up, please?”

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