We are currently sailing in the Ionian, and are at Ithaca.

This is a small, attractive island, popular with sailors as there are three great harbours and numerous beautiful bays to visit.

This small Greek island close to Kefalonia is 14 miles long and about 4 miles wide. It consists of two parts, of about equal size, connected by the narrow isthmus of Aetos (Eagle), just 600 metres wide. The two parts enclose the bay of Molos, whose southern branch is the harbor of Vathi, the capital and largest settlement of the island. Vathy has one of the world’s largest natural harbours.There is a small islet in the harbour of Vathy, known as Lazaretto. There is a tiny church on the island, but many years ago, a prison was built on the island.


Just a couple of miles north of Vathi is the attractive harbour of Kioni, which is a magnet for yachts in the summer. Some yachtsmen we have spoken to, won’t come here in July or August, as they told us you can’t get a space on the quay, as it is crowded with flotilla boats. But we have never found it to be a problem. If you choose the right day, and time it right, you can always get a space. You can also anchor opposite the quay and take stern lines ashore, or just free anchor in the bay.


View over Vathy harbour, showing the small islandĀ 


Fishing boat at Vathy


Fishermens’ cottages at the end of the harbour


View over Vathy

Yesterday we spent a great couple of hours sitting in a rooftop bar In Kioni watching all the coming and going of the many yachts.


Yachts moored on the quay, Kioni


7 thoughts on “INTERESTING ITHACA….

  1. OK, so the historian/nerd in me has to ask: with the island being Ithaca and all, is there anything related to Homer, the Iliad, the Odyssey, or Odysseus there – even if its just “touristy”?

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