Stripped Back?

An excellent post written by some sailing colleagues. I could have written this myself, everything is exactly like this on a yacht……

Lamputts Let Loose


A non-sailing friend asked me recently about the basic aspects of life on a boat. She had been struck by how “stripped back” it was in terms of luxury and “stuff”. She got me thinking. We’ve always described living on board as somewhere between camping and caravanning with the added attraction of your table, bed and loo bouncing up and down.

An additional difficulty compared to being land based is that a boat, on the whole, needs to be self contained for basic requirements. Unless you’re going to spend the majority of your time in a marina, which, speaking as a very fair weather sailor, I am not knocking at all, by the way, you’re going to have to plan for everything from drinking water to internet access and how you go about it will vary enormously from boat to boat.

Fresh water is carried in tanks on board and…

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