Share Your World…..

Share Your World

This is a lovely challenge – the questions change every week. You don’t think a lot about these questions, unless of course it is FUN for you. Simply dream and just let loose, or you let your alter ego answer if you want. Even though you can add photos to your answers, it is not a requirement to participate in Share your World.

Here are my responses to this week’s questions …

What is the perfect pizza?  I never order pizza when I eat out.  They never match up to my own home made ones.  We don’t eat pizza very much, not as much as people in the US. I like them to be thin crust, to be be piled high with tomato, chilli flakes, onion, ham, mushroom, peppers, cheese.

What is your favorite time of day?     Hmmmm – at the moment, as we are sailing, I like early morning just as the sun comes up, and before it gets too hot.  I like to go ashore before 8.30am and take photos.

Show us two of your favorites photographs? The photos can be from anytime in your life span. Explain why they are your favorite.



This is a photo from last year, when my two oldest grandchildren were aged two and a half, on holiday in France.  Ted and Addison were born the same week in 2012.  Ted arrived three months early!  He had to stay in hospital for five weeks, and came home on New Year’s Day 2013.  But he is fine, absolutely healthy.  He’s going to be very tall, like his dad, who is a policeman.  Addy is gorgeous, very bright, going to be clever like her dad, a physicist.

Featured Image -- 9117

Artemis, the luckiest cat in Greece

I couldn’t resist sneaking in a cat photo.   This is Artemis, who we rescued as a kitten, in Greece.  Although she is on holiday in England at the moment, she is a great crew member, and we love having her on the boat.  You can read more about Artemis, here.  And there are lots of photos on her Facebook page, just search for Ketch Kitten.

Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to…. going back to the UK in the Autumn to see my luscious grandchildren, watching trashy TV, having the radio on, and reading magazines.  I look forward to a proper roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?    I’m grateful that we are still able to be sailing in Greece, to be in the sunshine, to be living on our boat with my lovely husband.  I’m looking forward to more of the same next week!

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