Book review – Edge of Eternity

Book review: Ken Follett  –  Edge of Eternity

Ken Follett is a British author who has written over 20 fictional books. I have read all of them. I love the way he writes, the stories and plots are gripping. All the books are very different. One of his most popular books, Pillars of the Earth…….……almost 1000 pages long, was set in the Middle Ages about the building of a cathedral. There was an equally long sequel to this, called World Without End. These two books were outstanding and were firm favourites of mine. The historical details, intricate plots, and the way he weaved many stories of different families throughout the books were just stunning.

He has also, more recently, written a trilogy of books, of which Edge of Eternity is the finale. These three combined books contain so much historical facts, interwoven with fictional characters, and the outcome is stupendous. The trilogy is basically a story of three families – British, American and German, and how their lives combine. The timescale starts in the early 1900s and the First World War. The second book is set in the 1930s and 40s, and the final book begins with the same characters in the 1960s.
You don’t have to have read the first two books to appreciate the amazing story. The amount of historical detail and real life events is staggering.


In Edge of Eternity, one of the main characters is George, who works for the US government, the black, illegitimate son of a Russian father and black American mother, who featured in the second book of the trilogy. The story is basically about seeking equal rights for black people in USA. The storyline cleverly links fictional characters to Martin Luther King, the Kennedys, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile crisis. The British family in London are also cleverly involved, as one of them is married to an American, another becomes a US news reporter, and another forms a rockband who become famous. Another band member is the son of the German family whose grandmother once married an Englishman (a storyline from the first book) and who escapes over the Wall but has to leave his family behind. There is lots of intrigue, relationships, clever plots and storylines.


There is also a lot of political discussion between some characters, obviously based on real life events, such as elections, East German Communism, Polish ship workers, Russian dissidents, which I found quite difficult to understand, I preferred the fictional plots and characters more interesting than some of the real life political figures and events!


I would definitely recommend this book, but to be honest, I think I preferred the first book of the trilogy (called Fall Of Giants) most of all.


9 thoughts on “Book review – Edge of Eternity

  1. I loved the trilogy, beginning in the Wales in the mines. I found the families he followed were ideal, a bit of everything and a lot that I remember happening. I have also read his “Pillars of Earth” series and believe he is either writing or just published a new one. Yes, Ken Follett is one of my favourite authors.

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  2. Follet is my favorite author, and I love the way I learn from each of his novels. His writing is so clear and descriptive that it is easy to picture the people and places as well as the action. No one should let the size of his books scare them off – reading is, and should be, a little bit of an escape. There’s no rush. Take a month or more to really enjoy his work and you’ll be hooked. I’ve heard many say that Pillars of the Earth was their all-time favorite, and I’m inclined to agree.

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