Friday Friendly Fill-ins, week 11

Somehow I’ve missed this little weekly challenge up to now, run by Ellen from 15andmeowing and Annie fromMcGuffy’s reader.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Here are this week’s statements with the blanks, and my answers….

Week 11: July 22, 2016

I wish I could afford to hire someone to ______________.

…..give me a weekly pampering. As I live on a yacht, I feel permanently scruffy. My hair is a total mess, unmanageable and I hate getting salt in it. My skin is dry and flaky from the sun and the sea. My nails are brittle and broken. I’d love a pamper day on board every week!

Yachts at Kioni

2. Zucchini ____________.

….are vegetables that we call courgettes in England. I use them in lots of things, omelettes, stir fries, oven cooked veg, casseroles. In Greece they are called Kolokythi.



Photo credit:

One of my favourite Greek recipes is courgette fritters, or kolokithokeftedes. Have a look at this fantastic recipe from one of my favourite Greek recipe sites, the wonderful Elly says Opa.

3. One Summertime memory I recall is ……

…….. one of the first holidays we took as a family in 1980 when my youngest daughter was three (she is now 39). We could only afford to go camping, so we borrowed a tent and equipment, piled up the car and drove to Devon, England. After the first day we had torrential rain and the tent filled with mud and was actually floating away. So we packed everything up and drove home again! .

4. This Summer …..

……. we are in Greece again. Same every year. We live aboard our yacht Fandancer and spend our time floating around the Greek islands – visited 42 so far! This year we are in the Ionian, and are currently exploring Ithaca and Meganissi. .



4 thoughts on “Friday Friendly Fill-ins, week 11

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, I enjoyed your answers. I am going to check out that recipe, I have never not liked zucchini in anything, it is the prefect vegetable. I didn’t realize how yacht living affected your skin and hair, I always think of it as being relaxing and wonderful. Have a great weekend.

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