Thursday doors in Greece ….

Thursday Doors again!

Ilove looking at all the different doors that bloggers are posting from all over the world.  I particularly love the ones from SustainabiliteaCarpediemni and Jean Reinhardt.  They all caught my eye this week –  you should take a look.

Here’s one door – another Greek one from Parga. We anchored in the bay a couple of nights ago  and in the morning we took the dinghy ashore to explore the old town.  There are lots of narrow alleys and old buildings.    

This door appears to be from a building that existed in the 1800s, and is now part of a hotel.


Thursday door in Parga, Greece.

My second door is from Parga castle – it is extremely old and must have been part of the original structure.  A door of spikes!   I guess this would prevent intruders from getting too close and unable to push spears or other weapons through the bars.    Or maybe when the door is swung back it traps the baddies behind it, on the spikes……..



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