Lefkas to Parga, and the river Styx….

We’ve had such a busy week on the yacht, visiting many different places in Greece, I may need to write this in several instalments!

On Monday we came north from Meganissi and through the Lefkas canal in the early evening, and spent the night on the quay in Lefkas town, buying provisions and topping up our SIM card for Internet data. I always forget that many Greek shops close on Monday afternoons, so we had to go back early on Tuesday to the phone shop. Lefkas is an island, joined to the mainland by a floating bridge for traffic, which swings sideways once an hour to let the boats through.


The old floating bridge, swung sideways to let boats through


Old bridge currently replaced by a ferry….

However they are currently doing a lot of work in the bridge area, so the old bridge is temporarily out of action and they are using a small drive through ferry for the traffic to cross, which has to be moved so the boats can pass. This means the opening times are currently restricted, so when it does open, it is like a stampede of vessels of all sizes charging through the small gap in both directions.

Here are some photos taken this week,of sunrise on the Lefkas canal and going through the bridge, taken by Cathy Lamputt, a fellow sailor, from Lamputts Let Loose.

Once through the bridge we headed to Parga, a popular tourist resort on the Greek mainland. There is a huge sandy beach covered in hundreds of sunbeds and umbrellas, and loads of water sport activities causing mayhem near the anchored boats. The anchorage was packed with yachts. We had an interesting hour or so when we watched the adjacent yacht drag its anchor. Tim heroically jumped in our dinghy, with me, and as the owners of the dragging yacht were ashore, we started the engine, lifted the anchor and relaid it for them in a safer place. They had not put enough anchor chain out, always a problem when the water is deeper than you expect. Just as we finished making the boat safe, the couple came back in their dinghy and were very grateful for our help and gave us a nice bottle of wine.

The next morning we took our dinghy round the headland and explored the old town and walked up to the castle. Parga is built like an ampitheatre on a steep hill, so in order to get to the castle, or over the promontory to the rest of the resort, there are a large number of steps to climb! But it was worth it for the magnificent views from the top of the castle, which looks down on the small islands in the bay. Here are some of my photos from Parga.


View of Parga from the harbour



Church on little island, through castle window


Parga anchorage taken from top of castle.  Can you see Fandancer?

Next time I’ll tell you about our amazing trip on an actual Greek river! We visited the river Acheron, which once formed part of the famous or infamous River Styx, where the journey to the underworld began….


4 thoughts on “Lefkas to Parga, and the river Styx….

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  2. This looks gorgeous ❤ How great of you to help that boat that was having problems with the anchor. We have not anchored at all yet (learning to sail), maybe one of these days we will try it..

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