In which we journey up the ancient river Styx……..

There is so much water in this part of the Greek mainland. It’s a hugely fertile area, with much agriculture. In the local towns and villages the gardens are lush with trees and flowers, and the fruit and vegetables sold in shops are high quality and masses of them.


Watermelons are in season, the grapes are being harvested, and soft fruits such as cherries, peaches and nectarines are everywhere.


We explored an area in Greece we have never visited by boat before – the river Acheron. The river is mentioned in ancient Greek mythology as one of the tributaries to the legendary river Styx, where souls crossed over to Hades.   A short distance away there are the ruins of  the Necromancy, the chamber where the bodies were stored……you can read more information on the river Styx here.

After leaving Parga ((You can read my Parga post here), we carefully took Fandancer upriver as far as the village of Ammoudia, and tied up on a wooden pontoon to stay overnight near to a few German yachts which appeared to have adopted it as their home berth.


The river was deeper than expected – it said 1.3m minimum In the pilot book, but we found it was at least a metre more than this, as they appear to keep it dredged. As Fandancer is a shallow draught yacht and only draws 1.4m, we had no problems. Later, we took the dinghy upstream to explore, and it was breathtaking.

Very unexpected, not at all Greek-like! It was very much like a river in England, but without the weeping willows, and there were no ducks. But we did see quite a few kingfishers, darting low over the water, their bright blue feathers glinting in the sun. How anyone ever gets any photo of a kingfisher, never mind one of a kingfisher diving or with a fish in its beak, is beyond me…. I also saw some wonderful hanging nests of the nightingale bird, which is common in this area, and I also saw an animal which was either a beaver or a coypu, both common locally.


The campsite near the sandy beach

The next day I went for an early morning walk around the small village, which is popular holiday resort for Europeans. There is a wonderful sandy beach through the pine and eucalyptus trees, and at the far end, next to the river there is an area for camper vans (or RVs as the American contingent call them) who can stay here for free. One English couple I spoke to had been here several weeks and came to Europe every year, driving out from Devon, England.


Now here’s some news – I’m going back to England next week, by myself! To visit family and friends. I can’t wait to read the newspapers, watch TV, eat English food and catch up with what I’ve been missing. I’ll miss Tim of course, who will be by himself for several weeks, so he can read lots of books and not have to talk to anyone, so we’ll both be happy………



12 thoughts on “In which we journey up the ancient river Styx……..

  1. Your river adventure sounds fun . Bet you’ll be glad to stop having adventures for a while and enjoy a simpler life with grandchildren. You’ll have just as much fun and you won’t need to wash your pants in s bucket! 😉


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