Sunday sunrise – Corfu


The temperatures this week in our part of Greece have been around 31degC.  Not the world record, I agree, but it’s still feeling very hot, especially when there is no wind.  The humidity is really high too, around 70-80%, making everything very damp, especially noticeable in the mornings when I like to sit on deck and drink my cup of tea.  This morning the sunrise was especially beautiful, soI thought I would share my sunrise photos with you, I was trying out various editing techniques.


Now, next time, I need to get in the dinghy and take photos away from our yacht, to make sure it’s Fandancer in the photos, not the boat immediately behind us!  I wonder if they would like a photo of their boat at sunrise?


17 thoughts on “Sunday sunrise – Corfu

  1. Wow – the different edits are nice and the opening photo – with all the orange – was s nice treat tonight! Really beautiful and wish I was in Greece right now – ha!
    Anyhow – if you want to try a photo editing challenge – there is still time for the after-before at “” – the deadline is 8-3 and this current image is from London!
    If not – no worries – just FYI

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  2. very beautiful! Are you in Garitsa Bay? maybe there should be a site where people can post photos a other boats whose name they know and then I could search for the name of my boat. It would be great to get photos of our boat sailing by and that is not easy for us to do.

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    • Thanks. No, we are off Notos beach just next to Petriti, where the rocks with little cross on top are. Fab taverna above beach, everything is lush and green. Will be in Garitsa on Tues as I’m flying back from Corfu to uk on Wed. I agree about having a site for finding photos of your boat taken by others, great idea.


  3. Your pictures are intriguing. I wish I was teaching Geography this year; they’d have made excellent additions to my Mediterranean section! But alas, the State has moved Geography to junior high level.

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