Doors for Thursday – 4 August.

Hosted by Norm Frampton, Thursday Doors allows bloggers to show their amazing collection of doors – big and small, old and new, quirky and magnificent.  Have a look and join in!Here’s my collection of doors for this week…. again, they are from Greece.  You may think that Greece is made up only of ruined buildings and tumbledown doors, but they just happen to be a favourite of mine!


Does anyone know what is says after the name ‘Stavros’?


This must have been a very impressive door in its time…..


This one says ‘for sale’. Any offers?


Two for one – door and a gate!


This door can’t have much life left…..




11 thoughts on “Doors for Thursday – 4 August.

  1. I guess that’s just Greece for you, it’s generally quite scruffy in the old villages with many empty buildings. I believe it is hard to establish ownership of property as it is often owned jointly by family members, so they cannot sell or renovate property until all the owners have been contacted, which might be impossible!


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