A busy week…..

My second full day back in England, and I’m exhausted. Yesterday I moved my small amount of belongings out of the store and into my empty house.  And I don’t have any furniture yet!  Just a bed.   It’s like indoor camping!  


Indoor camping……

All that carrying and lifting has made me ache all over, and I wasn’t looking forward to today’s main job….. gardening.

I told you the other day that my full deposit wasn’t going to be returned, unless I went back to the property we rented over the winter and did some work on the garden. I didn’t want to lose any money, so I agreed to this, and turned up there this morning armed with tools, black plastic sacks and gardening gloves. I worked for a solid two hours and hopefully made a difference – I ended up with four full sacks of clippings and rubbish, plus backache and a bleeding finger from being attacked by many dangerous spiky plants.


I went round to my daughter’s house afterwards to clean myself up, and get changed – they were all out at the country park, grandson Ted was having a ride on a donkey. When I got there, the backdoor was unlocked and the kitchen window wide open! And my son in law is a policeman! Perhaps he knows where all the burglars go to on Fridays…..

After a cup of tea and a description of a donkey doing a poo from grandson Ted, I left to take the garden rubbish and some other things to the local rubbish tip. These places are now well-organised businesses and always extremely busy. The queue to get in was miles long. I do object to having to take my own rubbish to these places – years ago, the council would come to your home and remove every type of rubbish. Now, you still pay a huge amount of council tax, but you have to deal with your own rubbish! That’s just rubbish!


Sacks for the rubbish dump…..

The next saga involved me trying to buy an aerial lead for the TV plus two connectors. In the first shop, the twelve year olds behind the till had no idea what connectors I needed and were very unhelpful so I left. In the next shop I did make my purchases, but the two child assistants were like a comedy act, but more knowledgeable.


pruning in progress…..

To the mega supermarket next – which sells everything in the world, or seems like it. I needed a kettle, a tin opener, a washing up bowl, plus some foodstuff. When I got to the checkout to pay, the minute I opened my handbag I knew immediately that I had left my purse/wallet on the front seat of my car – it was the same colour as the car seat, and I didn’t see it when I got out of the car. I was mortified! But the 12 year old checkout assistant was ok about it, he put everything through the till, I packed it and left it in the trolley at the end of the till while I ran (or rather, walked quickly…) back to the car, which I had parked miles away. Apparently he couldn’t serve anyone else until my purchase had been completed, so the queue behind me got longer and longer…… Eventually I returned with the money and all was well.


Improvisation …….

When I finally got home after a horrendous journey on the road during rush hour, things got slightly better. I made a cup of tea, using my new kettle, then I tackled the TV. With a little effort, I managed to attach the connectors to the aerial wire, but not having tools, I had to resort to the pruning secateurs. But they did the job, I plugged everything in, and to my amazement I now have a working TV!


It works!

Tomorrow I’m meeting my son and his wife and my two darling grandchildren for lunch……. hopefully a stress-free day…..



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