Home comforts I have missed….

I’m having a break from boat life in Greece for a few weeks.  I love being back in England, and my home comforts! It’s only been four days, and I don’t care what the weather is like…..

Here’s a list of things that I’m really enjoying about my trip back to UK so far…….

Proper flushing loos that you don’t have to pump, and you can put loo paper down them too,

Unlimited water for showers. You don’t have to pump it out either, it runs away by itself!   No need to hunt for a water supply to fill up the tanks.


A luxurious deep, bubble bath, with unlimited hot water. So good to get rid of that salt encrusted skin and hair… having a luxurious warm, fluffy towel to dry yourself.

A fabulous comfy bed with clean sheets that don’t wrinkle up when you move, and a gorgeous duvet and soft pillows. Yes, we have a comfy bed on Fandancer, but it’s never the same as the real thing.

Drinking my tea and coffee out of a nice porcelain mug, and eating food off nice plates. On the boat we just grab the nearest battered old mug and use plastic or enamel plates.


Radio and TV. Yes I know you can access these via Internet when abroad, but it’s a pleasure to turn on the radio or TV and keep them on all day if you want.

Going into a UK shop and 99.99% guaranteeing you can buy what you want, as you know what they stock. Unlike Greek shops where it is always hit and miss, you never know what will be on the shelves from one shop to the next.


The huge range of UK magazines and newspapers available. In Greece the newspapers are hideously expensive, they don’t have all the supplements, and magazines are limited, out of date and too expensive. Likewise, being able to get hold of good quality second hand books from charity shops here, instead of one grimy shelf of worn paperbacks in a Greek taverna book swap.


I like being able to wear nice clothes again, nice shoes, carry a nice bag, wear make-up and jewellery. On the boat it’s too hot for these things, and your clothes get wet and salty when you go in the dinghy, and get sunbleached quickly.
So as you can see, I’m loving being back in England!  And I don’t have to wash my knickers in a bucket…….


8 thoughts on “Home comforts I have missed….

  1. It is a great example of perspective – and how fortunate you are to have a chance for both experiences – and you also get time with family more back in UK so that is another infusing perk.
    But how cool to have both opportunities – 😉
    Side note – your “orange” boat on the water photo was one of my favorite photos of the summer- and that healthy salt air and amazing view you wake up to -whew – it can make wooden mugs feel like porcelain! Ha!
    Enjoy your splash of comforts in UK – xxoo

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  2. Totally identify with what you say – and I’ve never spent more than a week on a “yacht” cruising around the Ionians. I think you are brave to do the sailing, and brave to say that enough is enough, for the time being, and you need time out. Good for you!


  3. I have to confess that The Mrs & I have discovered a few truly extraordinary indulgences in the UK that we have brought back and made a part of our lives here in the States…. Like towel heating racks! JAFFA CAKES!!! Lapsang Souchon tea… and Scottish cheeses…oh my…


  4. Sounds like you are really enjoying the luxuries! After our three week sailing holiday, I didn’t even feel like wearing nice clothes any longer. I was sad to have to part with my shorts when returning to work, LOL!


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