Tuesday photo challenge – Blue

The topic ‘Blue’ for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge  makes me think of Greece and the sea.

My photos were all taken in Greece this year and show a range of blue colours….

My first photo shows a lovely pair of blue flippers…..


My second ‘blue’ photo was taken early morning on the island of Kalamos.


Early morning in Kalamos

Also on Kalamos, I found this lovely blue boat pulled up on the beach….


Rowing boat, Kalamos

Picture number 4 was taken in the Greek town of Mitikas, a typical Greek scene…


The colour blue, so typical of Greece…

The next picture shows the amazing blue sea on the island of anti-Paxos….


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Blue


10 thoughts on “Tuesday photo challenge – Blue

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  2. Beautiful! I want to go there right now. It’s a long flight from Australia, but the scenes you have posted here would make it all worthwhile. Thanks for sharing.


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