IKEA – what you need to know…


After my trip to IKEA yesterday, I did some research about this global phenomenon. Read about my IKEA trip here.

Part of what makes IKEA unique is their product names. Each name means something, often in a funny or ambigious way.  This site has tried to produce a dictionary of IKEA names.

Where do these crazy names come from? It turns out they are part of a system created by dyslexic founder Ingvar Kamprad, who wanted to avoid relying on numbers, so each   Group of items sold in the store are named after different things.  For example –

Upholstered furniture, coffee tables, rattan furniture, bookshelves, media storage, doorknobs: – Swedish placenames
Beds, wardrobes, hall furniture: – Norwegian place names
Dining tables and chairs: – Finnish place names
Bookcase ranges: – Occupations
Bathroom articles: – Scandinavian lakes, rivers and bays
Kitchens: – grammatical terms, sometimes also other names
Chairs, desks: – men’s names
Fabrics, curtains: – women’s names

to see the whole list, look at this site.

Here’s a very amusing YouTube clip of a guy annoying his girlfriend with IKEA based puns…..

Have you ever bought anything from IKEA?


8 thoughts on “IKEA – what you need to know…

  1. I have never even been in IKEA before, let alone bought anything there… However, we stayed in an absolutely wonderful B&B in Southampton once and the kitchen was all IKEA, and The Mrs fell in love with the kitchen!!!

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  2. I could happily spend hours in IKEA whereas the other half finds it nothing short of torture. He hates the way you can’t go straight to anywhere but my kind of shopping is exactly what all those twists and turns are designed to encourage 🙂


  3. haha – one can mock IKEA, hate them even, pretend “never-ever-will-I-buy-from-IKEA” etc. etc., living in India now I still have 4!!!! items which I bought, omG maybe 40 years ago in London, admittendly they are a bit ‘tired’ looking little chest-of-drawers, but very useful to store garden things, and other not often needed items – and of course they are hidden away in a store room, but my point here is, you look after them, they actually last for quite a while.


  4. The concept is great, it really is, but every time I’ve been to an Ikea it’s been busy. One of those times is when my cat was having to be put down. Not great memories. One day … 🙂


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