Travel theme – the writing’s on the wall…..

For this week’s travel theme the topic is ‘Writing’.

I have chosen to show you some of the many signs I have collected from our sailing adventures in Greece.


One of our favourite tavernas on Paxos



Another Paxos taverna



A sign on the island of Hydra


Hand painted sign on Mykonos



A strange request!



A pretty shop sign from Amorgos

Are you ready to do the ‘write’ thing and create your own version of this theme? If you would like to join in, have a look at this link.


4 thoughts on “Travel theme – the writing’s on the wall…..

  1. Hello! About two months ago I read one of your post titled “Summer In Greece” and I loved it but sadly due to a few internet browser problems I lost your blog. Ever since then I have been trying to find it and I finally found your blog 😀 I took some time to explore it and read your post and I must say that I find it very extraordinary how you live on a yacht and sail around. I find that very beautiful and fun and filled with adventures and very unique, I am happy to have found your blog after quite a while. You have earned a new follower. ^^
    Hope to read more from ya!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Thank you so much for finding my blog. And your kind comments were really uplifting. Yes, I live on a boat and sail round the Greek islands, but it’s not always fun, it can be very hard work sometimes. I’m back in the uk at the moment visiting family and friends, but I’ll be back on the boat in a couple of weeks.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah that’s nice to know! Wow, that’s really amazing, it’s like something you would see in a movie, it just leaves me fascinated since things like these aren’t really seen everyday! It’s very unique to me. Hope your stay in the uk is going great, take care. 🙂


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