What Olympic event would you take part in?

Have you been watching the Olympics? It’s hard to miss it, it seems to be on every TV channel continually. Would you believe that I totally missed every single bit of the London 2012 Olympics? Everything. This came about because …….we were sailing in Aegean that year. It just wasn’t easy to get to a TV, and we weren’t able to watch via a wifi link. So I saw nothing! It must have been incredible to have been in the UK for the build up to the 2012 Olympics, that’s something that will never happen again in our lifetime, and I missed it all! My husband did try to make up for it by buying me as a Christmas present the DVD set of the London Olympics, but it just wasn’t the same….


Now we’re halfway through the Rio 2016 Olympics. I’ve enjoyed the bits I’ve seen, but because the time in Rio is 4 or 5 hours behind UK, I never know whether I’m watching the action live, or whether it is a recording. I didn’t see the opening ceremony either, as it was on live at a time when I am normally asleep, and they didn’t seem to show it again.

What’s your favourite event? Is there an event that you find uninteresting, or prefer not to watch?

Having once ridden horses for a very short time when I was young, I like all the equestrian events, even the dressage. I also like the high board diving, and the gymnastics. I enjoy the tennis, and some of the athletics. Even the kayaking and rowing hold some fascination. But I’m not all that keen on badminton, wrestling and boxing. The indoor cycling is beyond me, and things like shooting, fencing and archery don’t interest me either.




If you could take part in an Olympic sport, what would you choose? It could be a sport in which you already participate which you think you could improve at, or a sport that you have never done before, but which looks like it might be easy, or fun. Although I’m a British citizen, I was actually born on the island of Malta, and my parents used to tell me when I was young that I was entitled to also have a Maltese passport, and then I could represent Malta in the Olympics. I still don’t know if this is true or not, probably not, but I always fancied I would have a better chance of being chosen for the Maltese show-jumping team than the GB show-jumping team, despite never having owned a horse and never been in any riding competition previously……..


Marion Mould on Stroller at the Olympic Games in Mexico City 1968.
Photo Source: showjumpingnostalgia.com

I always think that the rowing events can’t be that difficult – all you have to do is sit down and move you arms back and forward a bit. How difficult can that be? The shooting events also look like they could be easy – after a few practice shots, how difficult can it be to miss the target?  And synchronised swimming – piece of cake! You just have to good at holding your breath, smiling a lot, and wearing lots of glittery eye shadow…….





7 thoughts on “What Olympic event would you take part in?

  1. For my Olympic sports, I would chose 2: First is Fencing, which I first took up in college back in the ’70s, and got my 1st level coaching certification from the US Olympic Committee in 2007. OF course waaaay to old to be a competitor anyway. Second is shooting. I can miss with the best of them! I do compete on the national level using Civil War (1860’s) era blackpowder arms with a bit of success…

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  2. I’ve only been to one Olympics, in Athens in 2004, and, though I say so myself, it was fantastic. Great atmosphere, free transport and loads of smiling young volunteers helping with everything, and even the weather cooperated. Not too hot, for August. Free concerts every night in Athens. What I like about the Olympics is the athletes’ stories. And yes, you could have got a Malta passport, a lot of people on those teams have changed nationality.

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  3. I love watching them all. Not the team sports so much – but the beach volleyball was really something. Fencing, boxing, cycling.gymnastics are all fabulous. I would take part in any of the water sports – sailing – rowing – diving – etc. if I could.


  4. I love your post here. So interesting and funny! I think I would be good at everything if I was younger and able to have the funding they have these days from the National Lottery. That’s what is putting us on the map again! Anything equine for me – mostly the eventing. Love it all, but like you, there are certain sports that hold no interest at all. Most of them actually. I hate boxing particularly. Why hit each other for fun, for a flipping medal?

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