Thursday doors in Romsey, August 18

Yesterday I went for a walk around my town Romsey, (Read my post here) and enjoyed getting to know the place again, having been away for several years.    As well as looking at some of the lovely buildings, I found some doors which were particularly interesting, which I thought I would show you for today’s Thursday Doors

The first door is part of a very grand building in the road called ‘The Hundred’.  This strange road name originated as  an administrative division which was geographically part of a larger region.  The name may once have referred to an area liable to provide a hundred men under arms, or containing roughly a hundred homesteads.  Linden House is a large, listed building, parts were built in the late 18th century.


Linden House, 98 The Hundred






The next door is the entrance to the Methodist Church.  It has some nice reflections of the buildings opposite. The original church was opened in 1882, and has had several additions since then.


The Methodist church, in The Hundred

Close by, I found these interesting double doors on a Georgian building in Palmerston Street.  One has been turned into a bed and breakfast.


Interesting double doors

Below, is another formal door with well polished brass door furniture.  Very symmetrical, with the coach lamps and trees…….


Finally, I found these very different doors on one of the abbey buildings.  These beautiful wooden doors date from the 1600s, although the abbey itself is much older than this.   Doors of this age are always tiny, compared to modern doors.  People must have been so much smaller, too!


Old wooden doors, Romsey abbey

This is s very interesting website about the history of Romsey abbey.


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