Travel theme – weather

I love joining in with a theme which is related to travel .   I live on a yacht in Greece for most of the year, but unfortunately we do not get a great deal of variation in the weather!    So it was hard for me to find a range of weather photos, so thought I’d take you through a day, and relate to the temperatures….


Sunrise, a nice cool 22 degrees Centigrade 


10am – a walk up to the castle.  25 degrees, sunny.


11.30an, getting warmer!  28 degrees on the beach….


Midday – a cool dip in the sea…..not a cloud in the sky….


1.30pm – a sweltering 32 degrees at the beach bar…..


A late lunch in the shade…..


Sunset 9pm.  Still a very warm 29 degrees…..

If you want to join in with this Travel theme….

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