Why can’t I make a decision?

I’ve been back in the UK for almost three weeks now.
I’ve achieved everything I wanted to, and I’m now going admit that I’m a little bit bored……

What have I done in those three weeks by myself?
I reclaimed my rental property and have moved back in temporarily.
I’ve signed on at the doctors, notified the utility companies, changed my address at the bank etc.
I resurrected our scruffy old car which has been parked in a pub carpark for three months.  It was covered in leaves, and had weeds growing into it.  I managed to reconnect the battery, restart it, and move it from its parking spot 30 miles away, to my house.

I have moved my belongings into the house from the storage facility.
I have unpacked everything (almost) and put it away.
I have bought some items of furniture from eBay and Gumtree, and kitchen things from IKEA.

I have made my house feel like a home, and I am enjoying living in it again.
I have spent time with each of my lovely children, and my grandchildren.

But now, I’m getting a bit bored, and missing Tim, who stayed in Greece with the boat. Even though I love spending time by myself, and we annoy the hell out of each other sometimes, but I do miss him! I’m even contemplating returning to Greece earlier than I planned…..


Will I regret my decision if I go back sooner than planned? I will need to buy a new plane ticket, but it’s not hundreds of pounds, I can get a new ticket for around £70. I’m thinking that it would be too extravagant and foolish to buy another ticket….

What would I be missing if I go back early? Well, I could see more of my children and grandchildren if I stayed longer, but I am going to see them again mid-October when we’ll both be back for the winter. I would probably save money if I went back early, as I wouldn’t be tempted by reckless overspending in UK shops, which I am prone to do. Il certainly miss watching TV and buying newspapers and magazines.

Hmmmmm…… decisions, decisions…..


6 thoughts on “Why can’t I make a decision?

  1. I bet there are plenty of places relatively close by that would be great to explore and have a picnic lunch. Are there parks and reserves? you love walking trails, any nearby.?


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