Photo Frame……

The topic for the Daily Post photo challenge today is “Frame”.  I thought I would show you some photos I have taken which I think represent this….. They were all taken in Greece over  the summer….

My first photo was taken from the castle at Parga, looking down to the little church on the island in the harbour…….I think the ‘frame’ is a lovely shape!


Parga castle

…..the next photo is of our yacht Fandancer, at anchor near Petriti, Corfu.  It was taken early morning when we went for a walk ashore.


Fandancer anchored near Petriti

The third photo was taken on the Greek island of Kalamos, in the little village of Episcopi where there were a lot of ruined buildings.


Episcopi village, Kalamos

Now we have another framed view from Parga castle……


View from Parga castle

Another Episcopi framed photo….


Ruined building, Episcopi

And finally – I told you a lie!  This last photo isn’t Greece, it’s the Bahamas!


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