Writing for magazines – again

I’ve  had some more luck recently, and had another couple of articles published.

I write guest articles for a great sailing holiday website called Zizoo, and my last two pieces have been about sailing in the Sporades.   This group of Greek islands contain Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros.   As Skiathos has the airport, the other islands are only accessible by ferry, and tend to be quieter and less touristy,   It’s s great sailing area, as the small distances between islands (apart from Skyros) make them easily accessible.  There are also lots of harbours and safe anchorages to explore.


View over Skiathos

Skyros is rather special, as it is over 50 nautical miles from Skiathos, and would require more passage planning and weather watching to visit this lovely island.  It was  fantastic to see the Skyros ponies – a rare breed which live on the island.


The amazing Skyros ponies

You can read my latest Zizoo blog posts here and here.

This month I also had another article published in Practical Boat Owner about one of our favourite places in Greece – Mitikas, on the Ionian mainland. I wrote a blog post about this lovely place  – read it here.


Approaching Mitikas from the sea 

Finally, I recently heard about a new book from those good folks at  Windtraveler which I could have done with three years ago when I first started writing magazine articles!   Although I don’t think I’ve done too badly without it!  It’s called ‘Selling your writing to the Boating Magazines’ by Michael Robertson.   You can buy it on Amazon as a paperback, or as a Kindle version.  There is a good review of this book on the Windtraveler website.



9 thoughts on “Writing for magazines – again

  1. I’m not thouroughly excited about being a freelance writer but it is becoming more and more clear that it is probably the best way to go for income as I sail around the world with my friend starting next year. Thanks for the resource!


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