I’m doing that procrastinating thing again…..episode 2

I’m at it again.  It must be an ingrained habit.  It can’t help myself.  I’m the Master or Mistress) of Procrastination…..

I’ve only got five days left until I finish my English interlude and return to our boat in Greece.   I thought I should get myself organised, so yesterday, after a good nights sleep, I leapt out of bed at 8am, and wrote myself a list of things I must do…


Do you find it helpful to write a list?

Of course, I have to have a cup of coffee first, and check the news headlines on TV in case anything has happened in the world overnight that I should know about.  Maybe Donald Trump has come to his senses and resigned.  Maybe the new British Prime Minister will have reduced the age at which women can receive their state pension.  Maybe pigs will fly….

I could put the washing on while the kettle was boiling, that was easy.  Yippee!  One thing ticked off.    I sat down and decided it would be prudent to check my emails first, on my IPad,  in case I had won a million pounds in a competition I had forgotten I’d entered, or in case a random stranger had contacted me and wanted to buy my house without even seeing inside….


Coffee and croissants, anyone?

There were messages and photos from  my husband, who was enduring the mother of all storms in Greece.  Luckily he was safely anchored in a bay, so I replied and told him the rain had better stop by Monday when I get there, as I expect to be topping up my tan on the deck….


Unusually bad weather in Greece this week

My tummy was grumbling so as it was 9am I had a bowl of muesli and a fresh nectarine.   I saw on the iPad that it was my go on six Scrabble games I’m playing online.  It wouldn’t hurt just to check the scores and stun my opponents with a seven letter word….

The TV was on, and my favourite house renovation programme was starting.  It’s called Homes Under the Hammer, where they follow house buyers who buy properties at auction, then follow them through the renovation process.  I am addicted to this programme, and find myself gasping at the property prices in different parts of the country, shuddering at the disused and dilapidated interiors, then gasping st the wonderful transformations they end up with…

It was now almost 11am!  I leapt off the sofa and into the garden. There were people moving into the adjoining house, so I stopped to chat with my new neighbour, and ended up searching for an adjustable spinner to lend her, so she could reconstruct some furniture.  Then I mowed the lawn in the back garden.  It’s not huge, but I always enjoy mowing it, and making those neat green stripes in the grass.  Then I attacked some of the weeds growing through the paving stones in the front garden, and more weeds in the borders.   After a couple of hours, my back was aching, so I came indoors, jumped in the shower, and made myself a coffee, then hung out the washing.


Lawn needs mowing!

Time to check my iPad again.  An invitation from a friend to look round a sculpture garden with her tomorrow, and an email from a travel blog site who want to pay me for A couple of articles I wrote for them. Result!

It was 2.30pm.  Only two things ticked off the list, aaaarrrggh!  Will I do better this afternoon……?

Here is my earlier blog post about another procrastination episode ….




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