Thursday Doors in London – 8 September


The Thursday Doors  Challenge is here again!

Here are some doors I found on my recent trip to London….

The first door looks like it might have once been a public convenience!  I found it in some lovely gardens I hadn’t visited before, on the Embankment.


At your convenience…..

My second door, below, is the door to one of the Michelin Star restaurants run by the very famous Michel Roux Jr….. Have a look at the fabulous menu here.


Michel Roux is the chef here…..

The next door is part of the impressive building which houses the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square…… Read about what else I saw in Trafalgar Square here.


Door at the National Gallery

Next, I found this impressive white door near Covent Garden….


Near Covent Gsrden….

Finally, – one of the entrances to Covent Garden, with some lovely stone columns….. Make sure visit this lovely place next time you are in London!


At Covent Garden


6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors in London – 8 September

  1. I like all the doors to look at, but to go through, give me the restaurant door or that of Covent Garden! I did go through that latter door once some years ago when visiting London with our younger daughter. 🙂



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