Food photography and fridge contents…..

Only three more sleeps then I’ll be back in Greece Monday evening. I need to start using up the contents of my fridge and freezer. We’ll be back here in October, after we’ve put our yacht Fandancer to bed in the boatyard, but I don’t want to come back to furry green vegetables or inedible cheese.

It looks like I’ve got an awful lot of food to get through, judging by this photo…


Contents of my fridge

I need to work out how many mealtimes I have left, and who will be calling round before Monday. I’m out for lunch today with my daughter, and possibly out tomorrow, depending on the weather – rain is forecast!

I seem to have a large pot of fresh ‘skinny’ butternut squash soup…. Hmmm – why did I buy that? I never buy skinny food, don’t see the point, I will easily make up the reduced calories with some bread to go with it… Ah yes, I remember, it was on special offer, less than half price. God, I’m such a sucker for bargains…


Two lots of tomatoes. I won’t have any trouble getting rid of those. The small pot come from my friend’s allotment, so I’ll look forward to those.



imageCheese! No problem there, either. I just have to have some Brie in my fridge at all times. It’s a rule of my kitchen…..

Bacon bits, and six eggs. Sounds like a nice omlette for one meal, then!


My little grandsons are coming on Sunday, so they will definitely help in the food reduction process. I have carrots and pots of hummus to use up, and a box of grapes.


I bet you American bloggers are laughing at the size of my little fridge! But it fits nicely into my little galley style kitchen, right next door to the matching freezer, just along from the dishwasher…..

Here’s another earlier blog post about my fridge – it was a different, bigger fridge!


5 thoughts on “Food photography and fridge contents…..

  1. I am jealous of your little fridge…I see it and think “oh, she is close to a market and can shop whenever she feels like it”. whereas I live a ways from a grocery store (NOT the same as a market) and have to stock up because it is such a pain in the patootie to go there!


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