….I’m being followed all the way to Corfu……

I’d just like to say a very big thank you to a number of new followers this week who have decided that my little random blog is worth checking out.  I always have a look at the blogs of my new followers, but I’m a bit slow this week.

I’m now back on our yacht Fandancer, after being in UK for a few weeks, catching up with friends and family. My husband Tim stayed on board in the Corfu area, as he does not have the same urge as me to visit UK shops for some much needed retail therapy. I am even one of those strange people who like British supermarkets, and I can happily spend an hour or two looking at the wondrous goodies on offer. We can get almost everything we need in the little Greek shops, but it’s a bit hit and miss as to what might appear on the shelves……. I wrote about the perils of Greek shopping in a previous post here.

It’s great flying into Corfu airport, as you can walk from the airport to where our yacht is anchored, in Garitsa Bay, just below the old fort. I’ve been to Corfu town many times, and there’s always something new to explore. The old, tall buildings are fabulous, influenced by the Venetians.


Popular swimming place below the old town


Typical Corfu street

The other reason I haven’t written a blog post for a few days, is that I’ve picked up some horrible flu-like bug, probably from being on the airplane With all those random people breathing over me, which has inhibited my normal cheery disposition, and made my poor body ache all all over, so yesterday I could barely move, and slept a lot.  I even didn’t feel like opening my IPad, that’s how bad I felt!


Corfu old town is always busy


Lovely building in the old town

We have now sailed north from Corfu town to the lovely bay at San Stefanos, where we are currently at anchor. I haven’t been off the boat for almost 48 hours, so I’m going a bit crazy now, so I must be feeling better. There are few charter boats out now, noticeably different from July and August, when everywhere is jam-packed with yachts. The shops and tavernas on the smaller islands must be noticing a difference in the amount of tourists, and by halfway through October, they will be closing up for the winter.


Soon we will sail south to our favourite island of Paxos, probably stopping to fill up with water somewhere, on the way. We are looking forward to meeting up with some old friends, who are on holiday on Paxos. Hopefully the weather will be good enough to take them out sailing for the day!


8 thoughts on “….I’m being followed all the way to Corfu……

  1. I have a mixture of emotions about your posting today… I have enjoyed your postings about being back in England (a bit of an Anglophile, which I blame on my mother’s ancestry – Townsends & Hobbs), so will miss those. But love the postings about Greece which is so new & exotic to me! Why can’t you be in both places at one? 😉

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