Lovely Lakka again…. On perfect Paxos

Well, as a nasty thieving, gremlin has mislaid a blog post I wrote about Petriti, where we were yesterday, I couldn’t face writing it all again, so I’ll just say that Petriti is a lovely harbour for sailing yachts, but not visited by many tourists. There are some large fishing boats which leave here every evening, followed by a trail of hopeful seagulls.



Petriti is what I might describe as ‘rustic’, with a scruffy beach, four or five fish tavernas, a well stocked shop in the village, and a poorly stocked bakery, which had no bread and only five doughnuts on the shelves when I visited. There is a very nice pool bar complex, with rooms to rent, but most of the visitors are German and other Europeans rather than English. If you wanted to stay somewhere quiet on Corfu, but only about 15 miles from Corfu town and airport, Petriti is a great place to visit.


The tavernas overlook the waterfront at Petriti

We left Petriti mid afternoon on Fandancer and had a lovely sail to Paxos, almost directly south, and arrived in Lakka harbour early evening. We have a place on the main quay, which is not Tim’s favourite berth, he prefers the quieter wall around the corner, away from the masses, but we filled up with water for free, so that was a bonus.


Fandancer moored on the quay, Lakka

It’s hard to describe what is so appealing about Lakka, or indeed, the whole of Paxos. It’s definitely a place that only comes alive in the summer. Although there are local people living on the island all year round, the tavernas and few shops are only open for the summer season. Lakka is just a well-sheltered, very pretty harbour, with a few waterfront bars and tavernas, a tiny mini-market and fruit shop Although the summer population is made up of visitors, it does not feel touristy – there are no big souvenir shops, English pubs or all day breakfasts.


View from the bar at Lakka….

The tourists themselves are what I would describe as ‘well to do’, not a standard, cheap package holiday crowd. Because you have to make some effort to get to Paxos, as the nearest airport is some distance away at Corfu, it tends to attract the independent traveller rather than some holiday crowds who want to get off the plane and into the bars as quick as they can. For this reason, holidays on Paxos tend to be more expensive, thus attracting a particular sort of visitor.


Fandancer moored at Lakka

There are lots of exclusive villas here, only a handful of hotels but you can also find cheaper rooms for rent. The yacht crowd like it, as it is free to moor here, the water is great for swimming if you are at anchor, and all provisions are available in the town. It’s a very photogenic place, with many walks in the hills and olive groves outside of the town, and there is a local bus to take you to the two other town on Paxos – Loggos and Gaios.

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4 thoughts on “Lovely Lakka again…. On perfect Paxos

  1. Lakka, Gaios,Mongonisi,Antipaxos are pleasant places to soak up the atmosphere; the pinnacle of Ionian touring. Even the spectacle of tourist boats charging in to moor at Gaios is worth seeing, although it’s a little like watching the speedway and expecting a disaster any minute.


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