Blog, blog, left right blog…..

CalmKate has an interesting blog, in which she raises some creative questions…

This week she wants to know about our blogging career.  I thought I’d use her questions and post my answers here, so then you can tell me yours!

Please share a brief history of your blogging career –

What lead you to start?

Just after Christmas last year, I had an email that a new two-week beginners’ WordPress BloggingU course was about to start.  I signed up, as I felt I ought to know more about blogging, and had previously given up twice before due to lack of patience and poor IT skills, hence the name of my new blog – Third Time Lucky.  I loved all the daily tasks on the course, and surprised myself by my staying power.

Has your motivation changed since starting?

No, I’m still motivated – there’s only been a few days when I haven’t written a post.  My stats page tells me I’ve posted 358 items in the last 10 months.   I like the challenges that I find, especially the Daily Prompts and the photography ones. But I also like to post stuff about what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been.   My blog is too random for my liking – there’s no clear focus.   I write about my life, general moans and groans, daily observations.   I’m never going to gain millions of followers, but over 300 of you have been brave enough to follow my posts…….


Waterfront at Parga, Greece


What has the experience been like?

I love blogging.  It’s very addictive.   Not only do I like writing posts, but I look forward to reading posts from bloggers I follow.  I do torture myself when I miss a day and don’t write a post.   However, I want my blog to evolve into something more specific.  But should I concentrate on just photography, my freelance writing, my travels on our yacht, or should it just remain a collection of random ramblings?

Have you learnt anything?

I’ve learnt that posts you think will attract a lot of readers, don’t get noticed.   I once tried to write a deliberately controversial post about how much I dislike tattoos,  but hardly anyone bothered to comment.

I’ve also learnt that close friends and family members are not that interested in your blog.  Read this excellent blog post by J W Harris who tells us of the many things he’s learnt from writing his blog – I can definitely relate to most of those on his list!


Lovely doors in Astros, Greece



Has your writing style changed?

It’s hard for me to judge – I don’t often look at my early posts, maybe I should.  My first post was a very boring one about making New Year resolutions. It has only had 22 views, ever.  And I never stuck to the resolutions!  One of my most u expectedly popular posts in terms of comments generated, was one I wrote about Easter being no longer a religious holiday.

What advice would you give to a new blogger?

Use the WordPress Help pages, or just ask people directly, via your blog posts.   I think giving tags to your posts are useful, this is how people find you in the Reader.   Don’t have too much text without breaking it up with images.


Greek taverna


And please don’t forget to mention some of the highlights along the way – such as the people you’ve met, things you’ve learnt …

This year I’ve met some fabulous people, both online and in person!  It was great to meet some fellow sailors, Cathy and Neil from lamputtsonland – I first bumped into them on the tiny island of Kalamos in Greece.

I also felt that Southampton old lady had a lot in common with me, from reading her lovely blog.  When I was back in the UK over the summer, we arranged to meet up a couple of times, and I enjoyed her company very much.

……and please get creative about your presentation, do it in your favourite genre?

Not sure how creative I can be with this – do you mean in the style of interpretative dance, or as a mime? Or how about as a cartoon strip?

14 thoughts on “Blog, blog, left right blog…..

  1. What a delightful response, thanks for joining in the fun!
    Our responses do reveal more about ourselves and our journey … you were most creative sprinkling your responses with stunning photos of Greece, well done. Is it right to guess Greece is your favourite spot?
    Southhamptonoldlady is right – just cut back as we would miss you if you stopped. My frequency of posts fluctuates radically and I delete many.


  2. I was watching Rick Steves today on the TV, and his show was about Greece. As he island-hopped, I thought of you. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll run into you… And if you need crew, I’m available. We used to have a sailboat named, “Volks’ Wagon” as Volk is my last name. I love traveling vicariously through your site. (Thanks for following me.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very interesting! I love progs about Greece, as I like to see if I have been to any of the places. Yes, would be great to meet up and share stories! Sadly we have to leave Greece next week and return to uk for the winter. I like the name of your boat, very clever! Thanks for your comments…..


  3. I loved reading this..
    Personal opinion – keep it random. For it’s you and your life. Unless you’ve something specific you want to blog about, for you can always change how you blog if you want to later on.


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