Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening….

The only problem with mooring on the harbour wall at Lakka is that you get some noise from the bars late into the evening. I often use earplugs when I go to bed, and last night I slept so soundly I missed most of the excitement……

Thundery clouds hung overhead all day, threatening rain, but it wasn’t until the early hours that the heavens opened and an immense downpour emptied itself on Lakka. The sky was lit up with lightning bolts with increasing frequency, and the wind grew stronger, dragging anchors, and blowing boats back onto the quay. It was horrendous – apparently – I slept through most of it!

Several boats moored in the bay dragged their anchors, and were blown nearer and nearer to yachts moored on the quay. The two yachts moored alongside us dragged their anchors and were blown 90 degrees sideways and onto the quay. Luckily the small motor boats that visitors hire for day trips cushioned them, and no damage was done to the yachts, although these two yachts had crossed anchors and couldn’t immediately be moved.


Lakka harbour after the storm

Everyone had come on deck, unfortunately the very large German skipper of the closest boat to us didn’t have time to put any clothes on, so for a short while seemed happy to parade about in the wind and rain in his birthday suit. Now if that had been a woman…… Why do men think it perfectly acceptable to do this? Especially those who love their food and don’t exercise much? It was explained to me that if you have to make a decision about saving the boat or finding clothes, the boat wins hands down every time. That’s why I never like to sleep in the nude, in case an emergency requires me to leap up and perform some task!


An unusually empty corner of the harbour

Husband Tim got drenched. His waterproof jacket is no longer waterproof. He stood valiantly on our foredeck in torrential wind and rain, adjusting ropes and fenders, waiting to see whether we were in any danger from the dragging boats, or whether our anchor would come loose. Neither event happened. When daylight came, the storm lessened, and the full force of the maelstrom was visible. The two boats blown sideways untangled themselves and re-anchored.


Fandancer moored on the quay at Lakka

When I finally awoke, after the worst was over,Ā I asked Tim if there was anything I could do to help. I expected him to ask me to call the air-sea rescue helicopter to check for boats washed onto the rocks, or to climb the mast to check for damage to distant yachts, or to launch the dinghy to rescue survivors. None of these things were necessary. All he said was “check for leaks round the windows I recently re-sealed”.

The forecast today has been much better than expected, we’ve even had long sunny periods and were able to eat lunch outside. We met up with an old school friend of mine, who I have known for over 40 years, and her husband. They are staying in a holiday apartment nearby. It was great to see them again, and share all our news.


10 thoughts on “Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening….

  1. OMG Georgie! Great post!
    FYI, my mother passed on last week (see my blog), and encouraged by my BF to enter a contest (as well as to get ‘back in the game of life’), I just won 1st prize for a free ticket to an On-Location Photo Workshop. I only hope that my pics will eventually be half as good as yours!

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  2. Sorry for your loss, but thank you for your kind comments about my photos! I think I have quite a good eye, but not so good at the technical stuff. I do like editing photos very much, but tend to go over the top! Well done for winning the competition, I would love to do a photo workshop, have fun!


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