On the bus to Loggos – a pretty Greek harbour where ancient donkeys once walked……

I never fail to enjoy our sailing trips to Paxos. We have now been in Lakka, the lovely harbour in the north of the island, for five days now. It’s a tiny place, and you could walk round all of it, including he little town, and both sides of the harbour, in about fifteen minutes. So yesterday I decided to do something different and……catch the local bus to Loggos. There is only one local bus here, which travels two or three times a day between the only three harbour towns on the island.


It’s a tight squeeze for the local bus along the harbourside….

Loggos is a very pretty place. If I was designing a film set with a Greek harbour as a backdrop, I would model it on Loggos. I was also looking forward to meeting an old school friend in Loggos. We have been friends for over 40 years, since we were at boarding school in the UK. She and her husband are on Paxos in a holiday apartment.


Fishing boats in Loggos harbour

While I was waiting for the bus in Lakka, I got talking to an English couple. We ended up having a conversation which sounded like that ‘Top Trumps’ card game that children play – you know the one – kids have special packs of cards with footballers, planets, cars, animals, superheroes etc on them, with each footballer etc assigned a number of values depending on their attributes. Each player chooses one of their cards to pitch against their opponent, and the one with the most points on certain categories wins. So our conversation went like this….

ME – “Have you been to Lakka before?”
THEM – “yes, about eight times, the first time was almost 50 years ago.”

Round One to them! They score the points over me. The very first time I came was about 15 years ago.

THEM – “Are you staying in an apartment?”
ME – “No, we have our own yacht in the harbour….”

Round 2 to me! A boat trumps an apartment, every time!

THEM – “it’s so much nicer here on Paxos than it is on Crete or Rhodes”.
ME – “I’ve never been to those places”.
They score the points and win that category….

ME – “Have you been to any other Greek islands?”
THEM – “oh yes, we’ve been to 33 Greek islands altogether.”
ME – with my best score on the last card – “we’ve been to 42 islands so far …..”

The bus finally arrived, and everyone piled on. Lots of people got off at the bus stop at the top of the hill, where there is a fabulous walk down some ancient donkey steps into Loggos. I don’t mean that the donkey was ancient. He might have been, but the steps were very old too, polished smooth with the hooves of many ancient donkeys…….


Steps – scary enough for humans, never mind ancient donkeys!

Read about our previous walk down the Donkey Steps here.



10 thoughts on “On the bus to Loggos – a pretty Greek harbour where ancient donkeys once walked……

  1. I enjoyed reading the category point s- ha! very fun to hear the social angle…. and love how you described it….
    also – how nice that your long time friend was there to connect with 🙂
    Loggos sounds wonderful

    Liked by 1 person

      • no – not 33 of the islands – not 42….

        and you might not remember me visiting other times because I come and go with my other blog too (name is prior) – but I love your diverse photos GM, the orange sunrise from your boat is actually one of my top photos of the year so far….
        seriously… do you recall that post? I think you had three images you took one morning….
        but I love how you give us yacht shots, london captures, and chit chat banter….
        and so much more….
        ok – have a great day


  2. Thank you very much for your kind comments! That really made my day. I love taking photos, I think I have a good ‘eye’ but I don’t know much technical stuff about cameras etc. I also like editing them very much. I had another look at your blog. I guess you are somewhere in the States?

    Liked by 1 person

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