Gone but not forgotten…..

It’s amazing how a few days with  no wifi can make a big difference to your blogging habits.    At first I was having withdrawal symptoms at not being able to get online and check my blog.   I couldn’t read anyone else’s blog or comment, and I couldn’t add new blog posts.

Then I started being sensible and decided that it didn’t really matter.   I have more useful things to do with my time.    With such a small number of followers, and an even smaller number of regular views and comments, I thought I should stop blogging altogether and quietly fade away….

But then I decided that I don’t write this blog for other people. I write it for myself.  I like writing, I like looking back on what I posted several months ago.  I use it partly as a diary and a log book.   So I’m going to write some more posts.


We are in Greece for just one more week until the bost is lifted out the water and gets put to bed in the boatyard for the winter.   We are flying back to England in 5 October.  I have never really enjoyed the last week on the boat, I find it quite depressing. Everything has to be cleaned and stored, the sails must be taken off, washed, dried, folded and put away in sail bags – I hate that job.   Fenders scrubbed, ropes washed and stored.  Lockers have to be emptied, foodstuff removed.  Bedding has to be washed and put away….

Now I’m back online, I’ll be catching up with all the blogs I follow, and hopefully writing my last few posts from this year’s adventures in Greece……


12 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten…..

  1. well I am glad that you blog – but I do think we all need to assess and find our groove and then keep balance for our own lives.
    but as noted before – I like checking in here because you post with a cool originality – and that is something some of us value.

    side note, i was just thinking about blogs and some who have tons of comments or huge followings….
    and well, I have a lot to say about that – like sometimes the following gets inflated if their account is connected to fb or another feature – but also – I have seen some folks become “comment junkies” and whew – it is so diverse around here.

    anyhow, I stayed blogging for pretty much the same reason as you – it is for me – and it is a bit of a scrapbook and creative outlet.

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    • Hi – I on the whole agree with what you have been saying here but……….I am not quite sure what in your mind constitutes a “comment junky”. “like junkies” yes I too see them popping up everywhere but never acomment is seen by them. OK, that’s really there business, but we, including you, who take time out of their own busy life and actually comment should not be thrown into the same pot😃. As far as I am concerned with my own blog I can only say with my hand on my heart that I would prefer 10 proper comments than just 100 like clicks on everything I post.

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      • oh thanks for that – well I am not really sure what I mean by that term either – lol – thinking out loud I guess. and at first my heart sank when I read your comment because I was hoping I did not offend here – but that was not the case…. so thx for the nice reply 🙂

        and I know what you mean about 10 proper comments vs. 100 likes – but I have come to appreciate the likes at times – even tho many times we can miss who left a like, but a comment makes the visitor more known…
        anyhow, I realized a long time ago that it takes a whole different mode to go from enjoying a post to then leaving a like – or to then commenting….
        sometimes it is just not an easy transition to go from enjoying someone’s post to then interacting about it. or it becomes rote and unnatural (for some) to always move into comment mode…. do you know what I mean?
        and so I think many bloggers need to remember that they have visitors and blog views they will never be able to measure – and they need to do what you noted here – blog for self and keep the essence alive.


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