Which way round the island?

Which Way Photo Challenge

I’m really enjoying Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. This week I’ve been looking out for paths, steps, paving stones.   I found all these on the island of Paxos, Greece, where we have been sailing.  I hope you like them!

First of all  we have to run up some stone steps……


Stone steps in Gaios

Now  we must walk on the path along the side of the harbour…..


Stepping stones at Mongonissi

…….and take the path back again.  Did you forget something?


More stone stepping stones at Mongonissi

….now we must turn the corner – sharp left!


Stone steps and footpath

Keep going for a short distance …..


Now we must negotiate some more stone steps covered in weeds….


Stone steps near a derelict house

Finally we are walking near the beach…..


Steps near the taverna on the beach

At last the bus arrives to take us home!


Local bus on Paxos negotiates the narrow quayside at Loggos


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