Water, water everywhere …..

‘Water’ is the theme for this week’s photo challenge.  

I don’t know how to take slow motion photos of individual drops of liquid dropping into a saucer, or macro close ups of droplets of rain on a spider’s web.   I have never done any underwater photography, or taken artistic shots of rainbows through a waterfall.  So my photos are rather ordinary, although they are all of places I’ve visited recently.

I thought I wouldn’t have difficulty finding suitable photos, as for most of the year I live aboard a yacht in Greece.   We are surrounded by beautiful water and scenery all the time, and my difficulty was choosing which photos to choose.


Water – the beautiful bay at Lakka, on Paxos.


A place to sit overlooking the water at Paleros, mainland Greece


Enter a caption

The next group of photos were taken in the U.K.  The beach at Ryde, Isle of Wight, flooded fields at St Ives, Cambridgeshire, and the river running through West Dean Estate in West Sussex.

Finally – water in a different form – icicles hanging from the eaves, Berkshire in England.




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